Frozen. Really?

Why frozen?  Letting good food get thrown in the dumpster is a kind of sin, in our opinion. Because it’s not just the food that gets thrown away, That’s bad enough. It’s also the containers and the boxes and the labour and the blood, sweat and tears that went into growing, shipping and preparing that food. We devote extra time and extra resources to our ingredients and packaging so the last thing we want is for any of that product or our cups to end up in the landfill. So we ship frozen. Wait. What? We’re eating previously-frozen yogurt? Yes. You are. Because freezing is our only preservative. And we think it’s brilliant.

Through the great efforts of our food scientists, we’ve been able to come up with an all-natural formulation that allows us to flash freeze our product with no discernible difference in taste, texture or nutrient profile.

And best of all, freezing allows us to ship all over Western Canada, it allows our fresh vendors to thaw only as many units as they can sell any given day, and it allows our frozen customers to thaw units as they go. No more rotten yogurt in the back of the fridge! And the best part for consumers? Jumpstarters are fresher than most fresh dairy because once thawed, the ingredients are only one day old.* We’re working to do a little bit better every day, so our food lands in your belly and not in the bin.

*Some people ask about what happens to yogurt cultures when frozen?
The answer? They hibernate. In fact, most yogurt cultures are shipped frozen in the first place. You’ll notice the amazing health benefits of these live cultures once they hit your belly.



Just. Real. Food.

When we began, we had no choice but to use local producers and suppliers. So we took the time to find the very best and, the truth is, we did a good job with our research because we have stuck with them. And they with us. All our dairy comes from local farms in BC’s Fraser Valley, our thick-cut oats come right out of the Canadian prairies, and much of our fruit comes from local orchards and fields. Of course, we don’t grow lemons or mangoes in BC, so we’ve taken extra

steps to ensure these ingredients are the cleanest label available. Our lemon juice, for example, uses no sulphites. And trust us, that is a hard thing to find. Lemon juice without sulphites. This pure, unconcentrated lemon juice is what our customers taste when they bite into our lemon Jumpstarters. They always say, “Wow, this tastes real!” And that’s because it is — real food. Yep.

Just. Real. Food. That’s all we do.



Reusable & Recyclable

Let’s talk about the great big plastic elephant in  the room. Let’s have a conversation about that because we are also concerned — about what we put into this world, into the landfill, into our oceans. In a regulatory environment that, for reasons of health and safety, requires that we use plastic containers, we have done everything we  can to source the very best, reusable, recyclable polypropylene 5 plastic cups and lids. Our cups  are made by Berry Plastics in the U.S.A., they are  100 recyclable, and are also dishwasher safe. So that means our cups and their tight-fitting

lids are completely reusable. We use them for everything – storing spices, packing trail mix  for kids’ snacks, making vinaigrette, holding that last little bit of soup…  the list goes on. The  point is — please re-use these cups! We’ve heard some terrific stories about how our customers repurpose these cups. So send us your story —  we’d love to feature it here! jilly@jillyvs.com  

To read more on grades and quality of plastic,  have a look at this chart available through the Suzuki Foundation.  



A Word about Sugar

We recognize sugar is a big issue. And so it should be. We always recommend customers do their own research and know what the "right amount" is for them. But here's what we can tell you about the sugar in Jumpstarters

In Canada, food manufacturers are required to label for "total sugars", not just added sugar. That means that even the naturally-occurring  sugars in plain yogurt, for example, usually have between 5-10 g sugar (lactose) per serving. And of course, fruit has its own natural sugars. So here is what we do: we add as little sugar as possible, and the sugar that we do add is pure

cane sugar or organic cane sugar. We do not use high fructose corn syrup, we do not use sugars derived from genetically-modified plants (sugar beets, corn, et al.) and we don't use any artificial sweeteners. We try to rely on the natural sweetness of our whole fruits and berries. Compared to most flavoured yogurts which clock in at 10-15% added sugar, Jumpstarters have less than 5% added sugar and up to 8 g of fibre! Add to that the prebiotic and insulin-regulating properties of our thick-cut oats and organic chia and you've got one awesome meal that will keep you full for hours.