The JillyV's Story


The simple truth is that we started JillyV's out of frustration. According to our founder, Jillian Hull, "At a particularly busy, busy, busy time in my life, I was honestly kind of irritated that I coudn't find simple, good food on the go, especially at breakfast. I was dropping my kids off at school, hopping over to the gym for a workout, then heading off to work, but if I didn't pack breakfast, there was absolutely nothing that looked like a truly healthy option. There were sugary

granola parfaits and greasy breakfast sandwiches, but the point was that I didn't want to wreck the effects of my workout and I wanted a steady, slow-burning fuel that would last me through lunch. So I started bringing what eventually became Jumpstarters to the gym and soon others at the gym wanted me to bring some for them. We've been so busy every since. Next challange? Getting my butt back to the gym! (Must work on that.)"