Packed with nutrition, this breakfast or on-the-go snack is the
perfect combination of organic yogurt, rolled oats, organic chia seeds
 + low sugar fruit compote! 

Perfect for the hungry, the time-starved or the picky, picky eater. Jumpstarters are an ideal breakfast or nutrient-rich snack. (And kids won’t even know they’re healthy!) 

Designed as a healthy, grab-and-go breakfast option, Jumpstarters will keep you full and provide
slow-release energy to fuel your day.  Using live-culture yogurt, Jumpstarters are great for gut and digestive health as well.

Jumpstarters are made from organic yogurt, organic chia, thick-cut oats and locally-made, low-sugar fruit compotes and have 10 grams of protein, over 20% of your daily fibre, 20% of your calcium, 30% of your vitamin D, 15% of your daily iron, plus a healthy dose of Omega 3 and Omega 6.  All for less than 290 calories each and with less than 10 grams of added sugar per serving!

We have sourced cups and lids made from reusable and recyclable Polypropylene (PP). 
The David Suzuki Foundation indicates that PP is "[c]onsidered one of the safest plastics."
Click here to read more. Wash and re-use the cups and lids for making salad dressings or storing food!