JillyV's sources the best ingredients from the best suppliers in British Columbia.


Avalon Dairy is our supplier of custom, organic, live-culture yogurt.  In fact, they were the first dairy to sell organic milk in British Columbia and their tart, creamy yogurt is based on an old European recipe.   Family-owned for 108 years, they’ve made us feel like family too! 


When you don’t use any genetically modified starches or artificial flavours, you’ve got to have a state-of-the-art production facility.  Sandel Foods in Chilliwack fit that bill and we are so excited to have them as our manufacturing partner.  They bring the highest-quality production standards to ensure that your first bite of a Jumpstarter is just pure perfection.


Have a look at where we sell JillyV’s Jumpstarters.  These great businesses took a chance on us when the whole concept of Jumpstarters was entirely new.  We learned the ropes from them, and we have listened and taken their feedback so that we can keep getting better each week.   They might have started as customers, but now they are friends.  Ain’t business swell?