Brian P.

OCCUPATION Adventure Travel Guide
PASSION Kayaking, hiking, surfing — anything outdoors!

Everyday at lunch, I eat a Jumpstarter with a handful of nuts and it keeps me going all the way till dinner. Since I started eating this way, I lost 20 lbs. and even have great energy for the bike commute home. Such an easy way to get fuelled up.



Kelly D.

OCCUPATION Dancer, Teacher, Royal Academy of Dance Examiner

My teaching schedule has me going from 3-9 pm, so I’m not home for meals. I grab a Jumpstarter between classes and they really keep me full. And no preservatives! That’s big for me.



Lenica G.

OCCUPATION ER nurse and new Mama
PASSION Mountain biking, hiking, running, you name it, if it’s about action, I’m in.

Jumpstarters have always helped me get fuelled up for a big ride or hike, but since becoming a mom, they are so perfect for those times when you’re up in the middle of the night tending to the baby and STARVING. They really fill you up. And even though they taste so awesome, it’s great to know you’re really feeding yourself — and your baby — good, clean food.